Uses of Interface

Packages that use Gen
org.jcheck Provides JCheck core classes and annotations. 
org.jcheck.generator Provides generators for use with JCheck. 
org.jcheck.generator.primitive Provides generators for primitives and some standard classes. 

Uses of Gen in org.jcheck

Methods in org.jcheck that return Gen
<T> Gen<T>
Arbitrary.getStandardGenerator(java.lang.Class<T> forClass)
          Get the standard (jcheck-supplied) generator for the given Java-class.

Uses of Gen in org.jcheck.generator

Classes in org.jcheck.generator that implement Gen
 class ElementGen<T>
          Generate a random object from the list of objects in the constructor.
 class FrequencyGen<T>
 class NullGen<T>
          Generate null instead of objects with a given probability.
 class OneOfGen<T>
 class PercentageGen
          Generator for doubles in the range [0.0-1.0).

Constructors in org.jcheck.generator with parameters of type Gen
NullGen(Gen<T> generator, double probability)
          Construct a generator that will generate null with the supplied probability instead of objects from the given generator.
OneOfGen(Gen<T>... generators)

Uses of Gen in org.jcheck.generator.primitive

Classes in org.jcheck.generator.primitive that implement Gen
 class ArrayGen
 class BigDecimalGen
 class BigIntegerGen
 class BooleanGen
 class ByteGen
 class CharacterGen
 class DoubleGen
 class FloatGen
 class IntegerGen
 class LongGen
 class ShortGen
 class StringGen

Constructors in org.jcheck.generator.primitive with parameters of type Gen
ArrayGen(int dimension, java.lang.Class componentClass, Gen generator)