Class FrequencyGen<T>

  extended by org.jcheck.generator.FrequencyGen<T>
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FrequencyGen<T>
extends java.lang.Object
implements Gen<T>

Constructor Summary
FrequencyGen(Pair<java.lang.Integer,Gen<T>>... generatorPairs)
Method Summary
 T arbitrary(java.util.Random random, long size)
           Returns an arbitrary object of type T.
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Constructor Detail


public FrequencyGen(Pair<java.lang.Integer,Gen<T>>... generatorPairs)
Method Detail


public T arbitrary(java.util.Random random,
                   long size)
Description copied from interface: Gen

Returns an arbitrary object of type T. The object should not have a size greater than size (or smaller than -size). What the size actually referrs to depends on the implementation, but it could be the number of nodes in a tree, pixels in an image etc.

The supplied random generator should be the only source of randomness used in the generator.

Specified by:
arbitrary in interface Gen<T>
random - the random generator that should be used when randomness is needed.
size - the limiting factor
a random object